Ping Test Online

Purpose of Ping command is to verify basic communication between two devices over Internet or Interanet.

What is Ping Test?

Ping (Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper) is a system utility that sends an ICMP echo request through the TCP \ IP protocol and waits for a response from the pinged service, echo return time (ICMP echo request - ICMP response request), which is called the ping response time, which rather indirectly shows the speed of the Internet, the shorter the ping time the faster the speed of the Internet. You can also ping any resource on the Internet by running the ping –t command “name of the resource that we ping” from the command line.

ping test online
Please note that all of the above online accessibility checks are geographical (checked from different parts of the world). Thanks to this, you get a complete picture of the status of your resource. A nice feature is a static link to the audit report, which, if necessary, you can send to your hosting provider or provider as evidence of a problem with the channel.

How to reduce Ping?

If your ping value is very critical, and it’s very evil as it’s evil (such that it creates problems with online games or even when working in the browser), then you naturally start to wonder if it can be somehow reduced. In principle, it is possible, but far from always reducing ping, it is possible to achieve simple manipulations.

What the response time may depend on :

  • From your ISP.
    1. What matters here is not even the width of the channel, but its quality. You can get 300 ms ping on a 100 megabit channel , Or you can get 4 ms with a 10 megabit channel. If an allegory is carried out , Then a six-lane gravel road will be a priori slower than a two-lane, but asphalt.
    2. However, the channel width still matters. A narrow channel can cause a decrease in response time, as lags can occur due to the banal congestion of the channel (packets simply do not push through). This can be compared with traffic jams on the road with a chic coating, but too narrow to cope with the existing car traffic.
  • From the game server. It may not have a high-quality or too narrow channel for accessing the Internet, which is why many in games start to have brakes and lags.
  • From the location of the game server. It can be corny too far from you, and the signal passing through many dozens of intermediate nodes slows down and can even be partially lost.
  • From the passage of the signal from the network card of your computer to the game file that you are running. There can be a lot of reasons affecting ping - from viruses to broken operating system settings.

Actually, from all of the above, tips also come out that can help you lower ping to an acceptable value when it will no longer affect the comfortable use of your computer on the network.

  • If the problem is with your ISP , then you need to solve them.
    1. Write (or call) their technical support, politely explain your problem and ask for help with a solution. It is possible that you will be remotely changed something in the settings and the ping will decrease to an acceptable value. Good tech support can even give advice on what you can do on your computer to improve the situation.
    2. If contacting your provider’s support did not help (they didn’t want to cooperate or failed to lower ping), then you should think about changing the provider. As a rule, there is an alternative (often not even one). If someone from your house also plays and bothers with ping, just consult with them who their provider is and what is their response time. This option may turn out to be simpler than connecting to a new provider and then checking for lags already alive.
  • If the problem is supposedly in the game server , then it makes sense to just try to change it. If ping does not decrease, then the bottleneck is not there.
  • The problem with lags in games can be based on your computer . In this regard, to reduce ping, you can try:
    1. Check your computer for viruses that may well pour some data onto the Internet from your computer and block the channel with this garbage.
    2. You can search the network for various registry settings, etc. things that helped someone reduce ping. But immediately make a reservation that counting on this is not particularly worth it. The likelihood that you will solve the problem in this way is not very high (probably no more than one percent out of a hundred). 
    3. Many of these tricks are no longer relevant, and many solve problems that you do not have on your computer a priori. A universal advice, do it and ping goes down does not exist.
    4. During games, turn off downloading or uploading to the Internet of various files, because this may create unnecessary lags for you.
    5. Look carefully at those who share your internet connection with you. It is possible that while you play, they download something from the network, or, conversely, actively upload something there. You can ask them not to do this temporarily in order to check the ping, and if this is really the reason for its increase, you will either need to expand the general channel, or using the settings of the router, try to allocate a stable band for yourself, which your relatives will not be able to encroach on.
    6. See if anyone is connecting to your router via Wi-Fi is not legal (it is quite possible to select a password if you wish). Try to just turn off Wi-Fi in the settings of the router and see not the result - if the ping has dropped significantly, then think this way. In addition to encryption, you can also bind to the mac addresses of devices that will be allowed to connect to your Internet channel.